Florida, FL

Florida is the twenty second largest state and the third most populous state, behind California and Texas, in the United States.  With coastline that runs from the Atlantic, through the Caribbean, and into the Gulf of Mexico Florida has the longest coastline of any state in the contiguous United States.  Originally composed of territories held by several European powers Florida became a state in 1845 and went from a wild, nearly untamed wilderness region to a prosperous shipping and resort state.

Tourism and agriculture makeup the first and second largest aspects of Florida’s economy.  Amusement parks, such as Walt Disney World Resort, and beaches draw tourists year-round.  Citrus fruit production is the state’s primary food product.  Shipping, aerospace, and defense are also notable contributors to Florida’s economy.

Most of Florida’s population is centered around the west and east costs of the peninsula with additional concentrations in the center.  Unlike many coastal states Florida has large population centers in the interior of the state.


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